Advisory Services

Hiring a professional adviser helps spot flaws within a company's internal practices.

 Business brokering

1. Business Brokering

We are involved in the process of buying and selling the profitable businesses in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, China, India, etc. We help clients to look for buyers and sellers for their company and get finances for equity financing. Contact us today to receive a detailed proposal that will guide you on business investment.

2. Business Performance Improvement (Finance, Customer, Supply Chain)

Evaluating corporate financial health is vital to managing customers’ portfolios. An integrated supply chain will serve as benchmark in assessing a product or service. Our team of experts will evaluate your company’s qualitative and quantitative performance to pinpoint its strength and weaknesses. These are periodically monitored to ensure the company long-term success.

3. Business Process Improvement (IT, Finance & Operation Integration, Performance Measurement)

Effectively managing corporate efficiencies in term of business process improvement helps companies move ahead of its competitors. Through appropriate performance indicators coupled with outlined performance management tools, we help companies improve their operational and strategic directions.

Our business advisory team will provide its expertise in enhancing various business processes to provide various innovative business solutions that will strengthen the overall organisation business framework.   

4. Insolvency

From renegotiating delinquent debts and working out a compromise with creditors, to formal insolvency arrangements and corporate reshuffling; business owners and creditors are now finding that turning to such alternative options can benefit all the concerned parties, instead of opting for a complete shutdown.

Financial troubles in a business can happen regardless of economic situations. Factors like mismanagement, planned obsolescence, intense market competition, or corporate fraud can result in negative impact on the business financial.

Seeking for professional help can save a business from failing. Business owners, investors, lawyers, and even credit executives are encouraged to take up turnaround services to seek for solutions that can put a stop to any financial crises within the business.

Insolvency Administration Services

  • Judicial management
  • Scheme of arrangement
  • Receivership
  • Compulsory Court Liquidation, Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation and Members' Voluntary Liquidation
  • Unsecured creditors’ services
  • Advise unsecured creditors of their rights of debt enforcement
  • Act as public trustees to undertake recovery and realisation of assets

5. Internal Audit

Providing internal audit to various corporations is one of our core expertise. We assist businesses in laying sound internal practices, so they are able to protect themselves against losses. This also helps prevent unexpected events from disturbing the operations of the company.

Our team will help your company set a good internal control system that will minimise fraud and incorrect accounts. Through this measure, we can help your company safeguard its operations and reputation. Your company’s private information will be held in utmost confidence as our team incorporates operational and performance assessment into compliance and financial auditing.

6. Pre-IPO Advisory

A successful IPO (Initial Public Offering) provides a company with a good valuation of its stock through the creation of a good image from the public perspective and simultaneous lowering of the cost of borrowing.

Our Pre-IPO consultation covers due diligence and valuation activities as well as selection of professionals and underwriters. This successfully leads to the selling of the firm to the public, analysts and both the banks as well as the regulator.

We also cover the following:

  • Evaluation of management involvement in the IPO activities
  • Business valuation in view of future business prospects and stock market multiples
  • Evaluation of investment attractiveness of the company and industry
  • Adoption of measures to increase business value

7. Financial Risk Management

In the current global economy, flexibility and swift response are key attributes in bringing out a business’ competitive edge. Our team of professionals will match your corporate structure with the appropriate strategy.

Our priority is to realign Capital Models and ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) with your organization. This will effectively enhance risk response decisions and reduce operational losses through the identification and management of various multiple cross-borders risks.

8. Hedge Accounting Advisory (The Use of Relevant Hedge Instrument)

The risk inherent in international trading calls for various techniques in managing currency risks. By assisting corporations in managing these risks (transaction and translation risk as well as global economic, strategic or business risks), we are able to help companies in effectively managing its financial health through enhanced hedging strategy.

9. Working Capital Management (Cost Reduction, Loan, etc..)

Financial metric measurement of a company’s operating liquidity is known as working capital. Companies need to strike a balance between high working capital and short-term liquidity.

By using relevant techniques, our team of experts can help in enhancing the optimisation of inventories, receivables and payables. Through improved working capital management, your business could generate cash for growth, with minimal dependence on external funding, and safely finance additional projects.

10. Investment Management

Investment management is more than just understanding risks and rewards, debt and equity, hedge funds and single manager funds. It goes further beyond by incorporating strategic direction to alternative investments such as properties and commodities. Equipped with the knowledge of smart investments, our team of experts shall provide alternative solutions to enhancing the corporate portfolio of assets of your company.

11. Treasury & Funding

Corporate treasury encompasses the management of all financial matters with an emphasis on currencies and cash flows as well as generating external and internal funds for the business. Funding activities comprise of securing finance for business or projects as well as the conversion of short-term debt into a loan with tenure exceeding one year. 

Serving corporate clients in the area of finance, our team will come up with a sound corporate finance strategy and procedures to address any shortfalls within the business. Our team offers professional expertise in delivering creative solutions to various financial concerns, which may include financial restructuring, financial modelling, etc.

12. Management Reporting Package

Managing effective reporting for the consumption of the shareholders and management is important to the health of the company. Any shortfalls within the segmented areas should be acted upon immediately. We offer this value-added service that integrates relevant essential tools that will gauge the operational and financial health onto the management reporting.

13. Budget Preparation & Variance Analysis Review

Preparation of budget requires consultations with relevant departments within the organisation to set a benchmark. The success of the budget shall depend on the overall coordination within the organisation framework. Our experienced team shall re-evaluate the budget set by the company through the use of intelligent tools that will enhance the overall budgetary system of the business.

14. Tax Planning & Analysis

Smart tax planning systems add value to the corporation by minimising foreseeable tax implications. It also reduces unnecessary asset acquisition within the business. With a comprehensive understanding of the various areas of taxation, our tax experts shall undertake improvements within the company in terms of maximising tax rebates within the set regulatory tax compliance. We are specialise in cross border international tax planning. It suits to multinational corporations operate in different countries that we can maximise tax rebates and minimise tax payables.

15. Outsource CFO Services / CFO Programme

CFOs play an important role in leading an organisation within the financial context. The application of various skills, techniques, strategies as well as risk management shall be equally important in meeting corporate goals.

We provide a comprehensive package to assist CFOs in delivering the essentials. The enhanced role known as “Innovative CFO” shall not only confined to areas of finance but will tackle areas that are deemed vital to the overall organisation financial health.

16. Corporate Advisory /Recovery (Turnaround Strategy & Planning)

When corporate systems are not integrated smoothly within the organization strategy, obstacles may hamper the operational and financial growth of the business. Our team will clear the path to creating improved corporate strategies. Every time a company makes changes, the rippling effect shall enhance the current internal and external integration procedures, thus leading to the path of success.

17. Corporate Reorganisation /Structuring

Corporate restructuring refers to the downsizing of a corporation in terms of workforce or manpower to improve corporate financial health. We offer expert guidance in managing corporate restructuring processes by coming up with alternative solutions to workforce reduction.

18. Divestment

Divestment of business segment(s) by corporation is usually undertaken when these business segment(s) do not produce an acceptable ROI (Return On Investment) or they do not generate sufficient cash flow for the organisation as a whole.

Oftentimes, divestiture is initiated through the selling of business entities to raise cash or reduce losses. Prior to divestiture, our team of experts will review existing operations and identify business units that are non-related to the primary focus of the corporation. Through our enhanced tools and measurement systems, our experts will incorporate prevention systems that will minimise the occurrence of foreseeable liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings.

Family Business Advisory (Succession Planning)

19. Family Business Advisory (Succession Planning)

Family businesses are often passed on to the next generation when the present owner retires. Oftentimes, this leads to legal implications should any of the siblings receive unequal shareholdings.

Turning the business succession planning to the favour of the owner or shareholders, our team offers a viable solution that will address these shortcomings and create a win-win situation for all parties concerned.

Trust Advisory

20. Trust Advisory

Prominent corporate figures, as well as wealthy citizens, often invest in a ”Trust” to receive full protection against foreseeable liabilities and ensure their beneficiaries continue to benefit from the “Trust”. Our experts shall provide a viable direction to help these corporate figures benefit in the Trust Advisory segment with great flexibility to the investor.



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