How Improved Carbon Tax Affects Businesses in Singapore

In recent years, many countries have begun to take action on climate change. In the process, carbon taxes and other related measures have gained traction to discourage businesses from investing in activities that produce significant greenhouse gas emissions.  Intending to encourage businesses to adopt climate-friendly practices while raising funds for green initiatives, Singapore introduced the […]

Advancing Singapore’s Sustainability through Green Financing

More than a decade ago, green bonds paved the way for investments that could ultimately reach trillions of dollars in climate-related activities, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, and ecosystem protection and restoration. In 2021, Singapore joined the green bonanza by launching the Singapore Green Plan 2030. It is a movement to advance the national agenda […]

5 Reasons To Set Up A Cryptocurrency Company in Singapore

Recently, Singapore envisioned being the global crypto hub. Not long ago, the city-state secured its slot among the preferred Fintech destinations for foreign investors. It is due to its favourable taxation system and regulatory framework. This gives confidence in the industry while protecting the customers’ safety. The Monetary Authority of Singapore is the primary regulator […]

Singapore Charges Income Tax For NFT Deals: What To Expect

Finance Minister Lawrence Wong announced that non-fungible tokens (NFT) trading would be taxed under existing income tax standards. Notably, the city-state has no capital gains tax framework. Hence, a tax haven for capital gains in stocks and crypto assets. Singapore’s Income Taxes The absence of capital gains taxes from Singapore’s tax framework has made the […]

How S$500 Million Budget is Used to Jumpstart Tourism in Singapore

As global borders begin to open again, Singapore is seizing this opportunity to promote its tourism. In doing so, the government is setting aside S$500 million to kickstart the tourism sector. Tourism Initiatives The budget will be divided among different government initiatives to encourage more tourists to enter the country. These initiatives include new attractions […]

4 Cryptocurrency Business Ideas in 2022

Although cryptocurrency has been around since its introduction of Bitcoin in 2008, it wasn’t until recently that it started to pick up momentum. Now, it is gaining traction globally.  In Singapore, cryptocurrency, as a business venture, was only legalised in April 2022. The law extends cryptocurrency regulations to local companies that provide services in the […]