accurate accounting

5 Ways Accurate Accounting Can Increase Your Business’ Value

Singapore is striving to secure its position as the leading site for accountancy not only within Asia-Pacific countries but also across the globe. The country’s active effort of domination in this field shows how crucial accounting is for a successful business. Accurate accounting is considered an essential building block for companies. The positive impact of […]

Paid-up Capital Singapore

Guide to Paid-Up Capital in Singapore

Before incorporating your company in Singapore, you must first decide on your company’s share capital. Details of your company’s share capital such as how it is issued and the different classes of shares must be written in its constitution. The law requires all companies in Singapore to maintain share capital throughout their lifespan. Share capital […]

Secretarial Services Demand Singapore

The Increasing Demand for Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore

In the old days, most small and medium-sized businesses don’t bother hiring a professional secretary. However, this had changed following the approval of the Companies Act, a statutory requirement that necessitates businesses to hire secretaries. Businesses are required to appoint a secretary within six months following their establishment. The statutory requirement also mentioned that the […]

selecting business structure

Guide to Selecting Your Shareholding Structure in Singapore

While you have spent much of your time on creating your business’ new product or solution, you are also encouraged to pay close attention to your company’s shareholding structure and how you distribute your company’s ownership among its founders, investors, and employees. This is to prevent a loss of control of your company, especially when […]