An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Setting Up An Exempt Private Company in Singapore

Singapore is a sovereign city-state with an attractive tax system, a robust economy and an excellent business environment. It has been ranked as one of the easiest places to do business consistently over the years. Businesses in the country can be categorised into unlimited or limited companies, as well as private or public companies. Private […]


Understanding the Phase 3 Reopening of Singapore for Businesses

Singaporeans can anticipate the country to make a transition into phase three reopening in a cautious and calibrated manner, similar to the way restrictions are eased up in the various stages of the current phase two. Experts see the hazy boundaries between two phases as a great approach.  The Nanyang Technological University’s Lee Kong Chian […]

Good Corporate Governance

6 Signs Your Company Has Good Corporate Governance

Every company should abide by a corporate governance framework that goes beyond the submission of annual reports and tax returns. A strong corporate governance framework will align the interests of the company and its community to maintain high levels of trust and satisfaction among customers and stakeholders. Corporate governance would also encourage the efficient use […]

monthly financial statements

8 Simple Steps: What Makes a Good Monthly Closing Process

If you are running a business, do not wait till the end of the year to do your accounts. Give your business with an edge by preparing monthly financial statements. Accurate and timely monthly statements are strategic tools that will help you make fiscal decisions, prevent costly mistakes, and prepare you for the tax season. […]