Singapore's Economy

Singapore’s Economic Transformation: Reinventing the Economy Built for the Future

Since becoming independent in August 1965, Singapore’s economy has grown rapidly. Often called Southeast Asia’s tiger economy, the Lion City boasts one of the world’s highest per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The City State’s economic boom over the years is no accident – it is a result of meticulous ‘free-market’ economics and autocratic policies, […]

Singapore secretary and employer

The Employer’s Guide to the Singapore Employment Act: Essentials of Singapore’s Primary Labour Law

Employee-employer relationships are governed by the Singapore Employment Act. Considered as the primary labour law in Singapore, the Employment Act provides the minimum statutory requirements for wages, hours of work and other terms and conditions of employment for all types of employees. Singapore Employment Act Prevails Over Contractual Provisions In Singapore, both the employee and […]

Singapore Income Tax

A Simplified Guide to Singapore’s Corporate Tax Structure

Corporate tax is a type of direct tax imposed on the income of corporate entities. For taxation purposes in Singapore, income pertains to any of the following: Profits or gains from business or trade; Passive income such as rentals, dividends and interests; Premiums, royalties and any other profits from property; and Any other gains which […]

Top Business Ideas

Top 16 In-Demand Business Ideas In Singapore For 2018

Updated on 06 Feb 2018 Are you interested in starting a business in Singapore? Do you want to know the best investment opportunities in Singapore for foreigners? Highlighted in this article are the top 16 in-demand business ideas in Singapore for 2018. According to World Bank, the Lion City with a 5.5 million population and […]