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Is Company Incorporation Right For your Business?

One of the things most business owners weigh when starting their business is the which they will choose to register. Businesses can be registered as a sole proprietorship, limited liability partnership or as a corporation.

Corporate Board Meeting

5 Things A Corporate Secretary Must Do To Ensure a Successful Board Meeting

Do you dread being invited to attend a board meeting, for fear of being bored to death? Board meetings are important as these serve as venue for important decisions to be made for the company. Strategic decisions for growth, solutions to challenges faced, and reports on revenue achievements are just some of the top-level items […]

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Building on Singapore’s Startup Revolution: A Quick Company Incorporation Guide

A combination of government policy push, available financing, and education and awareness has spurred the start-up revolution in Singapore in recent years. Starting and growing businesses were once the purview of already established big corporations. But since the early 2000s, the locus of entrepreneurship moved to people who had the desire and determination to start […]