Cloud Accounting VS Traditional Accounting

Cloud Accounting vs. Traditional Accounting: Which is Right for Your Business?

The tools that accounting professionals used to crunch numbers has seem much changes from the days of adding machines, then calculators, Excel spreadsheets and accounting software. Now, cloud-based accounting system has revolutionizes the industry. This new technology boasts of offering business flexibility and easy access to necessary financial information. Given the hype, should your business […]

Business Accounting Service

10 Signs Your Business Needs To Engage Accounting Services

As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for running the entire business operations. One of the most time-consuming and energy-draining tasks is to manage accounting functions. If you’re always overwhelmed by the accounting tasks, don’t let it get in the way of your work hours for things that need your attention and growing your business for […]

Accounting Checklist

A Year-End Accounting Checklist for Every Small Business in Singapore

As you approach the end of your business’ financial year, you must start preparing your business accounts. Besides helping you close out the current year on a high note, it also starts your business off in the next year on the right foot. As December can be a busy time, it pays to start your […]

Reading Financial Reports

Guide to Reading Financial Reports for Every Small Business in Singapore

Financial statements are vital as they paint the financial picture of your company, and help you evaluate past performance and plans for the future. If you are new to financial statements and accounting terms, here is your guide to the different financial statements such as the Statement of Comprehensive Income, Statement of Financial Position, Statement […]