subsidiary company

Quick Guide for Setting Up a Subsidiary Company in Singapore in 2022

A subsidiary is essentially an extension of its parent company, but it’s treated as a separate entity. Another company sets it up to perform a specific function. One example is the marketing or manufacturing of their goods. This business structure is becoming a popular option in Singapore for several reasons. For one, opting for this […]

singapore tourism

Singapore Tourism Industry Outlook for 2022

Singapore has always been considered a top tourist destination for its modern infrastructures, diverse culture, and unique attractions. However, because of the emergence of the pandemic in 2020, the tourism sector has experienced significant drawbacks. It was not until 2021 that the industry started its recovery process. 2021 Tourism Sector Performance Review During the first […]

corporate trends

The Future of Business: 5 Corporate Trends that Will Emerge in 2022

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has affected how businesses are run for the past two years. Everything was modified from their day-to-day operations to their products and services to cater to the new normal. Now, as the new year begins to roll out, companies are expected to undergo further changes due to the ever-changing […]

F&B Business Singapore

A Business Owner’s Guide to Setting Up an F&B Company in Singapore in 2022

As a multicultural country, Singapore is home to diverse cuisines and delicacies. Throughout the years, it has been considered an influential food destination on a global scale. However, with the emergence of the pandemic back in 2020, the F&B industry experienced a pivotal shift in doing business. Many have witnessed significant revenue loss due to […]

setting up family office

Guide to Setting Up a Family Office in Singapore

High net worth individuals and their families often give significant thought to succession planning by setting up structures such as trusts or foundations to ensure wealth management and stewardship for future generations. If you are thinking of setting up a family office in Singapore to manage your family or your client’s financial and estate needs, […]


4 FinTech Opportunities in Singapore

Due to the country’s modern infrastructure and strategic positioning, Singapore is considered the leading FinTech hub in Asia. Beyond these, several other reasons make Singapore the top destination for FinTech innovation. The FinTech Industry is Thriving in Singapore One reason is that the city-state has a start-up-centric ecosystem. The government has taken great efforts to […]