Company Private Trust

Should I Set Up a Private Trust in Singapore?

A private trust is a way of protecting your wealth and providing for future generations. It ensures that assets are properly protected, managed and distributed well beyond your lifetime. Read on to find out the benefits of a trust, what happens if you have one, and how to go about setting up a trust.   […]

Singapore Budget 2020

Singapore Budget 2020: 10 Schemes Businesses Need to Know

With economic uncertainties arising out of multiple threats such as COVID-19 and oil crashes, you may understandably be concerned about the impact on your businesses. If you are thinking of incorporating your company in Singapore, benefit from the following government initiatives, which were rolled out as part of Singapore’s fiscal plan for the current financial […]

Business Ideas Singapore

Start-Up Guide 2020: Business Ideas & Opportunities in Singapore

A viable destination for foreign businesses, start-ups, and financial transactions, Singapore is the choice location for global business and investment. The city-state is dubbed “Asia’s Monte Carlo”, and is complete with two casinos, an annual Formula One race and well-established global connections. With its world-class infrastructure, advanced information technology and a robust regulatory regime, Singapore […]

Incorporation Success

5 Practical Tips for Establishing a Successful SME Business in Singapore

Singapore ranks second in the world for being one of the most accessible places to set up a business for entrepreneurs. Although Singapore has surpassed nations like China and Korea in terms of cost-efficiency and ease of starting a business, it is still an expensive city to start businesses. As the cost of running a […]