Company Structures and Incorporation

Should I Incorporate a Subsidiary, Representative Office or Branch Office?

Singapore has been established as a reputable financial and regional trading hub. Investors are drawn to its strategic location, pro-business environment, competitive workforce and forward-looking economic policies, which make the city-state a natural launch pad to the Asia Pacific region. Foreign entities must register an entity in Singapore before commencing business activities here. They may […]

Company Incorporation Compliance Requirements

12 Compliance Requirements and Processes for Companies in Singapore

Incorporating a company doesn’t end with deciding on a company name and paying a registration fee. In fact, there’s plenty of paperwork and checks involved, even for a country as business-friendly as Singapore. Upon incorporation, you must comply with the Companies Act and other statutory requirements to avoid hefty penalties or legal repercussions. This also […]

nominee director

The Roles and Responsibilities of the Nominee Director

The Singapore Companies Act defines a nominee director as a director ‘whose instructions or obligations are a representation of the formal or informal act of the individual and/or entity within a corporation’. A nominee director in Singapore acts on behalf and in accordance to the intentions and directions of an individual and/or entity which make […]

business partner

Top 8 Qualities To Look for in a Potential Business Partner

A successful business requires sufficient availability of capital and great ideas to move forward. While many people tend to set up business on their own, but sometimes, it will be better work with partner. Partnerships are connections between two or more people or businessmen which are trustworthy and have similar values as you. In this […]