Review of G7 Corporate Tax Reform and Its Impact on Singapore’s Economy

Last June 5, 2021, The Group of Seven (G7), a collection of representatives from the world’s wealthiest nations–gathered to discuss the global corporate tax rate reform. The aim of this historic tax agreement was to create equal opportunities for all businesses, preventing multinational corporations and digital technology companies from abusing low-tax jurisdictions. From the original […]


4 Reasons Why AI Will Revolutionise Accounting in Singapore

The emergence of digitalization has led to machines swiftly taking over tasks traditionally done by humans, making rooms for humans to focus on higher-order jobs or new ones that need a new set of skills. Primary artificial intelligence or AI technologies, including natural language processing, computer vision, and speech recognition, help organizations enhance efficiency and […]


Leveraging on Digital Tools to Achieve Better Business Results

In today’s evolving digital era, it is inconceivable for a business to sustain itself without leveraging technology. Digital tools help businesses facilitate and thrive in their industry, innovate products and services, build effective client relationships, and create an inroad for them to dive into new markets. While businesses can utilize various digital tools to execute […]

7-effective-ways to-reduce-overhead-costs-for-small-businesses

7 Effective Ways to Reduce Overhead Costs for Small Businesses

Determining overhead cost is vital for budgeting purposes and how much a company should charge for a service or product to profit. Unlike operating costs or direct expenses which are required to run a business or are incurred in the company’s daily operations, overhead expenses are business-related costs that mainly refers to ongoing expenses for […]