Tax Incentives

[Tax Incentives for Businesses] Budget 2019 in 3 Minutes

All of Budget 2019’s tax changes for businesses explained in this nifty guide. Through attractive start-up grants and tax exemptions and incentives, Singapore has edged forward as a choice investment destination for investors and entrepreneurs. On 18 February 2019, the Government unveiled plans to further enhance the progressivity and resilience of Singapore’s tax system. While […]

GST Singapore

2019 Start-Up Guide: Understanding GST in Singapore

Introduced in 1994 to diversify Singapore’s tax base, GST is a tax charged on the import of goods, as well as all supplies of goods and services in Singapore. The prevailing rate for GST is 7%. Most of your business’ sales in Singapore involving goods and services, such as computer software or marketing services, are […]

Tax Exemptions and Incentives

Guide to Tax Exemptions and Incentives for Singapore Companies

Singapore leads by example in the region by being a highly business-friendly environment to investors and entrepreneurs. The city-state actively implements reduced corporate income tax rates as well as tax exemptions and incentives. Numerous government grants and funding sources for start-ups and SMEs are also readily available. These are just some of the factors why […]

Tax Exemption

Foreign-Sourced Income Tax Exemption in Singapore

Singapore’s attractiveness as a dynamic business hub at the heart of the world’s most robust economic region is an amalgamation of compelling components, namely: consistent top ranking in Ease of Doing Business, excellent infrastructure, stable political structure, as well as a highly skilled and readily available workforce, among many others. One particular component that has […]