Review of G7 Corporate Tax Reform and Its Impact on Singapore’s Economy

Last June 5, 2021, The Group of Seven (G7), a collection of representatives from the world’s wealthiest nations–gathered to discuss the global corporate tax rate reform. The aim of this historic tax agreement was to create equal opportunities for all businesses, preventing multinational corporations and digital technology companies from abusing low-tax jurisdictions. From the original […]

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Navigating COVID-19 Part 1: New Tax Measures for Every Business in Singapore

Businesses in Singapore will soon ease their cash flow following a series of tax-related support measures as announced in the Resilience Budget on 26 March 2020 and Solidarity Budget on 6 April 2020. From extended filing deadlines to tax rebates, here are the new tax measures with the greatest impact on your business. Extended Filing […]

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Guide to Double Tax Treaties for Businesses in Singapore

Does your Singapore company earn foreign income? If it does, the foreign income may be subject to taxation twice – once in the foreign jurisdiction, and a second time when the foreign income is remitted into Singapore. This is known as double taxation, which is when two or more countries impose taxes on the same […]

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5 Legitimate Ways to Save on Corporate Income Tax in Singapore

Singapore is a well-known tax haven with low corporate tax rates. With the effect of YA 2010, the chargeable income of a company, be it local or foreign firms, are taxed as little as 17%. Nevertheless, having low tax rates and experienced accounting services provider are not the only reasons why Singapore is a global […]