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Business Name Registration

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We will walk through with you on the information needed.

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Set Up Business Bank Account

Set Up Business Bank Account

It is mandated by law that the company has it’s own separate bank account from the owner.

Singapore Registered Company Name Check

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Choosing the right business structure is like building a strong foundation for your company geared towards long term sustainable success.

Sole Proprietorship


Limited Partnership (LP)

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Private Company

General Information Owned by one person who has the absolute say in the running of the business Formed by a minimum of 2 partners and a maximum number of 20 Consists of 2 to 20 partners wherein at least 1 partner is a General Partner (GP) and 1 is a Limited Partner (LP) No limit on numbers of partners; functions like a partnership but has a separate legal identity like a private limited companies A business entity registered under the Companies Act, Chapter 50

Has 50 or fewer shareholders; with restricted rights in share transfers

Who Can Set Up Singapore Citizen/Permanent Resident

A foreigner must assign a local manager

At least 2 Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents

A foreigner must assign a local manager

Any foreign and/or local individual and/or company

If all General Stakeholder/Directors reside outside Singapore, a local manager must be assigned

Any foreign and/or local individual and/or company Any foreign and/or local individual and/or company

A local Director must be assigned

Suitability of Business Entity Suitable for small scale business models with comparatively low risk and returns Suitable for small scale business models with comparatively low risk and returns Where one partner is ready to bear unlimited risk Appropriate for professions like law firms, accountancy firms, architect firms and doctor clinics Suitable for any trade, vocations and profession
Succession and Perpetuity Business has no perpetuity as it is linked to the owner Business has no perpetuity as it is linked to the owner Depends on the agreement and number of partners Depends on the agreement and number of partners Business has perpetuity irrespective of status of shareholders
Capital Funding Opportunity Personal assets only Personal assets only Personal assets as well as bank financing Personal assets as well as bank financing Yes


  • Services
  • Our Professional fee is inclusive of government fees:
    - Company name search & reservation (S$15)
    - ACRA incorporation fee (S$300)
  • Incorporation documents and First Board meeting (Worth S$200)
  • Company constitution (Worth S$100)
  • 1x Company Business profile upon incorporation (S$5.50)
  • Electronic Official Certificate of Incorporation / Certificate of incumbency
  • Corporate kit: Share certificates, registered and minutes book (Worth: S$100)
  • Company common seal and stamp (Worth S$150)
  • Free consultation 1 hour (Worth: S$200) (Next hour at S$200)
  • Telephone and e-mail support
  • Add-Ons
  • Bank account opening assistance
  • Resident Local Director service
  • Employment pass
  • Entrepreneur pass
  • Company Secretary
  • Registered Local Address service
  • Singapore Resident & PR
  • S$1,000
  • Choose below
  • X
  • X
  • SignUp Now
  • Foreign Entrepreneurs
  • S$1,200
  • Choose below
  • SignUp Now
  • Foreign Companies
  • S$1,400
  • Choose below
  • SignUp Now
  • Offshore company
  • From US$1,600
  • Choose below
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • SignUp Now
  • Custom
  • Customise (Based on your requirements)
  • Choose below
  • As requested
  • As requested
  • As requested
  • As requested
  • As requested
  • As requested
  • Request Now

Prices are recurring monthly fees which are listed in Singapore dollars. (Updated on Jan 2019)

  • Add on Services
  • Bank account opening assistance
  • Change of directors, registered office address or company secretary
  • Change of bank signatories or auditors
  • Change of name
  • Change in capital structure
  • - Transfer of shares
  • - New issuance of shares
  • Preparation of Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) documents
  • Resident director service for 12 months, with S$5,000 refundable deposit required.
  • Use of Registered Local Address in Singapore (per month)
  • Monthly mails scanning service (per month)
  • Mail forwarding or mail collection services
  • Application for GST registered company
  • First time CPF set up and submission of Form 1/GIRO (one time)
  • Compilation of unaudited financial statements (per annum)
  • ECI submission, tax computation and filing of Form C-S for simple company (minimum from per annum)
  • ECI submission, tax computation and filing of Form C for complex company (minimum from per annum)
  • Employment pass (Per application)
  • Dependent pass (Per application)
  • Entrepreneur pass (Per application)
  • Corporate Secretarial Service for Singapore resident and PR with simple structure inclusive name secretary and preparation of AGM documents and filing of annual return to ACRA (per annum)
  • Corporate Secretarial Service for foreign entrepreneurs with consultation on corporate governance inclusive name secretary and preparation of AGM documents and filing of annual return to ACRA (per annum)
  • Corporate Secretarial Service for foreign-owned companies or companies with audit requirements inclusive name secretary and preparation of AGM documents and filing of annual return to ACRA (per annum)
  • Usual Price
  • S$400
  • S$100
  • S$200
  • S$400
  • S$600
  • S$300
  • S$600
  • S$4800
  • S$50
  • S$30
  • At cost
  • S$600
  • S$250
  • S$1200
  • S$800
  • S$1200
  • S$2250
  • S$1000
  • S$5000
  • S$900

  • S$1200

  • S$1500

  • *Value Price
  • S$300
  • S$50
  • S$100
  • S$300
  • S$500
  • S$200
  • S$500
  • S$3600
  • S$40
  • S$20
  • At cost
  • S$450
  • S$200
  • S$1000
  • S$700
  • S$1000
  • S$1800
  • S$800
  • S$4000
  • S$750

  • S$900

  • S$1200

*FREE Company Incorporation Upon Signing Up
To Our Accounting Package Or Bundled Services!

Company Incorporation (S$300) And Name Application Fees (S$15) Will Be Reimbursed Upon Signing Up For A Private Limited Company Outsourced Accounting Package Or Bundled Services.

*Subject to a Minimum One Year Contract

A Trusted Name Business Owners Can Depend On For New Company Registration for 2022

Get instant access to a comprehensive suite of services and solutions for your company formation and compliance needs in Singapore.

  • Company Incorporation
  • Accounting and Payroll Services
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Business Support Services like registered office address service, nominee director and shareholder services
  • A customized and all-in-one platform to handle your company's full-suite of regulatory filings
  • A team of experts with deep industry know-how, track progress, and secure necessary legal documents
  • 24-hour world-class business support

We love to share our knowledge with clients to help them understand the fundamental requirements of company incorporation procedures in Singapore and their obligations and commitments under local statutes. Partner with us today and together; we help you set up your dream company.

Corporate Services Singapore also Specializes in Offshore Company Incorporation

An offshore company pertains to a non-resident or paper company incorporated in a jurisdiction other than principal place of business of its investors. Setting up an offshore company in Singapore is advantageous. Subject to statutory conditions, a non-resident company can enjoy tax-exemption, can have exemptions in withholding tax, capital gains tax, accumulated earnings tax, sales tax and value added tax.

Under the Singapore Companies Act, non-residents cannot self-register their own offshore company. The assistance of a local professional firm is required. Corporate Services Singapore provides an efficient and streamlined approach to offshore company incorporation. Our resident/foreign clients are provided assistance in the following areas:

  • Approval Of Offshore Company Name And Registration With Offshore Company Registrar
  • Submission Of Pertinent Incorporation Documents
  • Opening Of Corporate Bank Account


What if I do not have a registered office address in Singapore?

You can simply engage of our Registered Office Address services. We can provide this service at a fee from $300 to $420 per annum which comprises the receipt and collection of all business correspondences on your behalf.

What information is required prior to engaging Singapore Company Registration Services?

• Proposed company name.
• Name, residential address & copy of identification document (i.e. passport, NRIC) of proposed Directors and Shareholders.
• Details of issued/paid up capital, with share allotment /percentage of shareholding.
• Principal business activities of the company.
• Registered office address and location of the register of members and index is kept.

What are the requirements for company incorporation in Singapore?

• Any local or foreign person can incorporate a company in Singapore.
• Minimum of 1 director and 1 shareholder required.
• Minimum of 1 director to be a local resident director (ie. Singapore citizen or permanent resident).
• 100% foreign ownership allowed.
• Minimum paid-up capital of $1.
• A local registered office address is required.
• A locally qualified corporate secretary must be appointed.

Can foreigner register a Singapore company?

Yes. foreigners can set up business in Singapore. But they will need to appoint at least one Director who is ordinarily resident in Singapore.

What’s the cost and scope of Nominee Director Services?

The nominee director will not have any financial, management, or operational interest in the company. His role is just to satisfy the statutory requirement of a local resident director for your company in Singapore.

Our fee for the provision of a Nominee Director is S$4,200.00 per annum and with a refundable security deposit of S$5,000. The deposit will be refunded when our Nominee Director Service is no longer required.

What is the difference between a Director and a Shareholder?

Shareholders own the company and are entitled to the profits of the company. Directors are appointed to manage and run the company, dealing with the day to day business activities and make decisions.

How do you incorporate a company in Singapore?

To incorporate a company in Singapore, you’ll need to obtain the following requirements:

  • Company name
  • Company’s principal activities
  • Name of directors and shareholders
  • Office address
  • Share capital
  • Constitutional documents
  • Other supporting documents
  • Singpass

Once you have prepared the documents, you need to register your company with ACRA via their Bizfile website. On the website, you will find the eServices menu. Click the tab and look for “Local Company.” Afterwards, click “Start a New Local Company.” Finally, click “Application for New Company Name.” You need to submit the application form in order to complete the incorporation process.

This can take a few hours. In cases where you need to be transferred to another department, it might take up to 14 to 22 days.

What is an incorporated company?

An incorporated company is any business entity that has been registered under the Companies Act in Singapore. The law recognizes it as a separate legal entity from its owners.

There are different types of incorporated companies in Singapore, such as the sole proprietorship, limited partnership, or private limited company. Among these, the most popular company structure is the private limited company.

Do I need to be present during the company incorporation process?

No, you do not need to be present when incorporating a company in Singapore. We can complete the whole process online or via e-mail without your presence as long as we receive all original signed required documents from you.

Do I need a registered address in Singapore for my company?

For each Singapore incorporated entity, there is a statutory requirement to have a Singapore based registered address. The registered address must be a physical address (not a PO Box) where company records are kept and where official correspondence can be sent and received.

It is not a requirement that office space must be leased and the use of our Registered Office Address services is permitted.

How long does it take to incorporate a Company in Singapore?

We can have your company approved by and registered with the Accounting Corporate Regulatory Authority within 1 working day once the incorporation documents have been duly signed and payment of the company incorporation fees has been made.

We would like to incorporate a company in Singapore but we do not meet the local Director requirements. Can you advice on dealing with the requirement of having local Director?

There are several options you may consider.

• If relocation to Singapore is part of your plan, then you can act as the local Director subject to the approval of your Entrepreneur Pass or Employment Pass.
• We also provide nominee director service to help you meet the local Director requirement.
• You may also choose to appoint a local employee or someone you know in Singapore to act as the local Director.

What is private limited company in Singapore?

In private companies, the maximum number of shareholders is limited to 50 and the memorandum and constitution restricts the right of its members to transfer their shares in the company. A private company limited by shares can be classified as an exempt private company.

The key characteristics of an exempt private company are:

a) no more than 20 shareholders; and
b) all the shareholders are individuals.

Exempt private companies with annual revenue of less than S$10 Million are exempted from audit requirements and are not required to file financial statements with the ACRA.

Do I need to open a corporate bank account in Singapore?

Opening a corporate bank account is mandatory for Singapore incorporated companies. The presence of the company’s directors is required.

What is the incorporation date of the company?

The company’s incorporation date is when all the documents have been submitted to and approved by ACRA. You can find the date of company incorporation by going through ACRA’s registered company list. By using the company search tool or visiting the company’s business profile, you will find the company’s basic information, including the name, registration number, status, and address. 

To get additional information such as business type, company’s date of incorporation, and name and position of business owners, you will need to buy the business entity’s profile.

How much does it cost to incorporate a company?

The administrative fee to incorporate a company in Singapore costs a total of S$315. S$300 for the registration fee and S$15 for the company name reservation. However, the price can go up if you require other services. 

For example, if you want to convert your company type to another structure, you will be required to pay an additional S$40. Other additional services might include company secretarial services, accounting, and filing, which can reach up to S$500 to $1,500, depending on the required scope of work.

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