Are you looking to incorporate or expand your business in Singapore? Here’s how we can help you out.

  1. Corporate Services Singapore can assist with all the requirements to help you incorporate your company successfully.

    At least one shareholder, which can either be a corporate entity or a person.

    Foreign Company Local Director

    At least one local resident director, who may be a Singaporean citizen, a permanent resident, or an employment pass holder.

    Foreign Company Secretary

    One local corporate secretary.

    Foreign Company Share Capital

    A minimum of S$1 paid-up share capital or its equivalent in a major currency.

    Foreign Company Local Address

    A local and physical corporate address in Singapore.

  2. After preparing your documents, we can help you complete the foreign company registration process by offering two options.
    Foreign Work Visa

    Relocate to Singapore and apply for a work visa.

    Nominee Resident Director

    Choose a nominee resident director to hold your position in Singapore.

  3. If you choose to relocate, you can apply for one of two types of work visas: Employment Pass or EntrePass.

    Employment Pass

    To be eligible for this pass, you need to earn at least S$8,000 monthly, possess an education qualification from a reputable university, have skills in specialized industries, and hold a managerial position, such as a CEO, Managing Director, or CFO.


    On the other hand, if you want to be eligible for the EntrePass, you must already have started — or plan to start — a Singapore private limited company registered with ACRA that ventures in or own innovative technologies. Likewise, if you’re an entrepreneur, you must show that your company has raised a minimum of $100,000 from any government investment scheme recognized by the local government.

    If you’re an innovator, you or your company must hold intellectual property rights, which can put Singapore at a competitive advantage. In addition, you must also have ongoing research and development collaborations with any agency under A*STAR (also known as Agency for Science, Technology, and Research).

    If you’re an investor, you need to showcase your willingness to invest in the local tech startups and capabilities to back-up highly profitable projects. As such, you will need to provide a track record, periodic plans, and a minimum of eight years’ experience in a senior role.

  4. Depending on the nature of your business, we can help you obtain the necessary work permit.
    However, if you choose to incorporate a business in Singapore by appointing an authorised representative, we can help you find the right representative.

    The person we assign will meet the guidelines by either being a Singapore citizen, a permanent resident, or even an EntrePass holder.

    Once we’ve found the right director, he will help you comply with all the requirements of the Companies Act.

    Likewise, he will also assist you in obtaining signatures for all the crucial documents to ensure a smooth incorporation process.


Step 1

We Help You Choose A Suitable Business Structure
If you don’t already have a business structure in mind, we can provide our expertise and recommend the best option for you. Based on our experience, these are three structures you can explore.
  • Subsidiary Company: This is the most beneficial to foreign companies because a subsidiary company has limited liability. This means the foreign parent company owns 100% of its shares, making the subsidiary a separate legal entity.
  • Branch Office: Another option is registering a branch office in Singapore. This type of structure is considered an extension of the parent company and is therefore dependent on its head office. Should the branch incur debts and liabilities, the parent company will be responsible for it.
  • Representative Office: The third option is to set up a representative office in Singapore. Unlike the previous two that focus on conducting business in the country, the primary purpose of the Singapore representative office is to research Singapore’s potential as a marketplace. Because of this, this type of office is not given a separate legal identity and is dependent on the status of the parent company.

Step 2

We File the Necessary Documents

Now that you’ve chosen the appropriate structure for your business, the next step is to get all the documents organised. We will collect and file all the scanned copies of your passport, KYC form, and proof of address on your behalf.

Since the required documents for each structure will vary depending on what you choose, we’ll make sure that you have all your documents to complete the incorporation process hassle-free.

Step 3

We Incorporate your Company

Once the documents are prepared and signed, we’ll submit the files to ACRA and await their approval. This will be our final step before you can set up in Singapore and conduct your business activity.

How Can Corporate Services Singapore Help You?

As an established corporate services provider in Singapore, we can assist in incorporating your foreign company in the country. Whether you set up a branch office, a subsidiary, or a representative office, we can help you gather, file, and submit all the documents on your behalf.

Our packages ensure smooth transactions and efficient processes, so you don't have to stress over it. So, if you decide to expand your business to Singapore, contact Corporate Services Singapore to guide you through the entire procedure.