Relevant Industries in Singapore in the Next Three Decades

Singapore is a leading business and financial hub in Asia today. Our economy is diverse, with a thriving internationalised services industry alongside an advanced manufacturing sector that excels in a number of key niches, including the production of electronics, petrochemicals, and biomedical products. New chances and challenges will both be present in the following decades. […]

in-demand skills

6 In-Demand Skills Business Owners are Looking for in Singapore

With the changing economic and job landscape, experts share important skills employers need to consider when hiring new talent for their companies in the coming months. The evolution in the demands can be attributed to four key trends in the country: Development of care economy that prioritises one’s physical and mental health Digital transformation due […]


4 FinTech Opportunities in Singapore

Due to the country’s modern infrastructure and strategic positioning, Singapore is considered the leading FinTech hub in Asia. Beyond these, several other reasons make Singapore the top destination for FinTech innovation. The FinTech Industry is Thriving in Singapore One reason is that the city-state has a start-up-centric ecosystem. The government has taken great efforts to […]


Should Small Businesses in Singapore Register for GST Voluntarily?

In Singapore, businesses with annual taxable turnovers exceeding or are likely to exceed S$1 million from the sale of taxable goods and services are required to register for Goods and Services Tax (GST).  If your company’s annual taxable turnover does not exceed S$1 million, it is generally up to you to decide if you wish […]

new-programme-to-aid-sme leaders-drive-transformation-and-growth

New Programme to Aid SME Leaders Drive Transformation and Growth

On October 28, the Enterprise Leadership for Transformation programme, or ELT, which was announced during the Budget 2020, was finally launched. As part of the new initiative, leaders from small to medium-sized enterprises will learn how to drive growth and changes to their businesses. Although most of the government support has been intended for employees, […]


An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Setting Up An Exempt Private Company in Singapore

Singapore is a sovereign city-state with an attractive tax system, a robust economy and an excellent business environment. It has been ranked as one of the easiest places to do business consistently over the years. Businesses in the country can be categorised into unlimited or limited companies, as well as private or public companies. Private […]