Top 10 Small Scale Business Ideas In Singapore With Minimal Investment

Company Incorporation Services in Singapore

Choosing where you will start your new business is very crucial – especially as you take into consideration the factors at play as well as the rules and regulations set in your preferred location. If you are determined to proceed with setting up your own company in Asia, Singapore is the best place to be.

Based on World Bank’s rankings, Singapore continuously remains at the top spot when it comes to ease of doing business for a decade now. This strategically-positioned, commercially-geared and business-friendly nation offers highly attractive benefits to foreign entrepreneurs and global investors looking to enter a new market or expand their target client base abroad.

Singapore is deemed as Asia’s ‘most network ready nation’ and a genuine world class leader when it comes to company incorporation. This is proved by several business-related criteria:

  1. Top ranked as Investment Destination in Asia – Business Environment Risk Intelligence (BERI) 2016 report
  2. Most conducive business environment in Asia – Economist Intelligence Unit 2014 report
  3. 2nd most competitive city in terms of global economy – World Economic Forum, Global Competitiveness Report 2016
  4. Best performing Asian country for global innovation – The Global Innovation Index (GII) 2015
  5. Top ranked for Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) – World Economic Forum, Global Competitiveness Report 2016
  6. Number 1 country in Asia for logistics performance – Logistics Performance Index (LPI), World Bank 2014
  7. Number 3 for best labour/employee relations in Asia – World Economic Forum, Global Competitiveness Report 2016
  8. Least corrupt nation in Asia (number 6 worldwide) – MD World Competitiveness Report 2015
  9. Most transparent country in the world – World Economic Forum, Global Competitiveness Report 2016
  10. Highest ranked for labour force in terms of workers’ productivity and general overall attitude – Business Environment Risk Intelligence (BERI) 2014 report

Knowing that Singapore is an ideal place where entrepreneurship can thrive successfully, you can form your own company or even get an online business running even if you have limited budget.

However, you have to do quality research on the requirements needed as well as limitations set for different types of business. Here are top 10 small scale business ideas you can create in Singapore even with minimal investment:

  1. Financial Planning

First you will need certification and proof of training it lends you credibility and will make it easy for potential clients to trust your expertise. If you wish to obtain one in Singapore, you can inquire from the Financial Planning Association of Singapore on its Chartered Financial Planner (CFP) certification.

  1. Small-Scale Event Planning

Not all events are complicated celebrations or large occasions requiring big capital, manpower, and supplies. Simple, small-scale events such as marriage proposals, solemnisation and even ROM as well as official openings, product launches, or family days are some initial services where you can provide details for venue, catering, hosts, and other necessary arrangements.

  1. Video Production and Editing

This is a high-demand service in today’s modern business landscape where there is constant need for viral video campaigns for any type of promotion or agenda.

  1. Fitness Instructor

This will largely be dependent on your years of experience, expertise on a particular area, and innovation skills for add-on services to entice target clients from a wide range of demographics.

  1. Public Relations and Advertising

Media and advertising is now a level playing field, thanks to technology. So take advantage of your expertise in copy-writing or graphic design so you can compete with big firms.

  1. Design Consultancy

Do you have creativity, imagination and artistic flair for interior design? You’ll do well in Singapore as it is the convention centre of Asia where an abundance of corporate events, conventions, and business gatherings will provide you with plenty of opportunities.

  1. Insurance Planning

Personal financial planning is an essential life skill for many Singaporeans who are caught up in the fast-paced and busy city living. You can be an insurance planner specialising on a particular type of population – expats for example.

  1. Cleaning Services

This can be a home-based start up business so you can get the company up and running even with few equipment and supplies at hand.

  1. Beauty & Personal Care

The rise of internet retailing paved the way for this special niche to flourish whether you target men, women, or kids.

  1. Virtual Office Space Renting

Technology and the internet can make this business idea doable – by offering potential clients with a business location and necessary communication services without the high price tag that is associated with physical office spaces.

From conceptualization to realization

Whatever business idea you have for registering your own company in Singapore, you can trust on Corporate Services Singapore to help you get through the entire process – fast, easy, and reasonably priced – so you can focus on the things that matter most in your business.

Corporate Services Singapore is the trusted name for providing excellent services such as Singapore company incorporation and corporate solutions to start-ups and small enterprises with minimal investment, among many other services.

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