7 Accounting Services Small Businesses in Singapore Need

Small Business Accounting Services

As a small business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities from overseeing operations to meeting client expectations and everything in between. Plus, when you factor accounting into the mix, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you have no prior background.

Despite the challenges, it poses, however, accounting is an essential part of your business for several reasons. For one, it allows you to keep track of necessary payments and financial development to ensure your company’s financial stability. That said, you must make accounting a priority.

But if you’re worried about not being cut out for the job, you can always choose to outsource Singapore accounting services from reliable firms. Here are some of the important services you need to get from your outsourced accounting partner.


The first service you’ll need to get is bookkeeping. This is one of the basic accounting functions that involve tracking financial transactions and maintaining accurate records of income and expenses.

As a basic accounting requirement, bookkeeping forms the foundation of your financial health. As such, you must hire professionals who can ensure accurate, organized, and timely recording of data.

Monthly Accounting

Once data has been gathered through bookkeeping services, the next step is to analyse them. This is where monthly accounting services come into play.

Monthly accounting involves evaluating the data from monthly transactions to gain valuable insights into your company’s financial performance. In other words, this service can help you ascertain which areas of your business are strongest and which areas need improvement. With the help of expert accountants or controllers, you can build budgets and analyse reports to make profitable business decisions.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Another service to help you make better decisions and plan for the future is cash flow forecasting.

Based on cash inflow and outflow from monthly reviews, you and your outsourced accountant can project how much money will come in and go out of your company in the future to avoid any unwarranted surprises or shifts in the flow that may lead to financial disaster.

To make this task more convenient, you can also leverage technology to get a more detailed and accurate projection of future cash flow. As a result, you not only make sound decisions but, more importantly, adapt to the evolving business environment.

Financial Growth Monitoring

Besides cash flow forecasting, accountants also monitor financial growth overtime to give you a more accurate depiction of your company’s financial performance. Using monthly and yearly reviews, your accountant can provide you with a statistical overview of your overall positioning. Not only that, but based on the previous performances, your accountant can also give you a projection of future financial growth to help you visualise the potential for your company.

Of course, this task takes into account market volatility, change in consumer behaviour and global economic perspectives to develop an accurate financial growth forecast.

Operational Support

Obtaining the information you need to strategically plan for the future takes experience and expertise. Hence, you need to get operational support from your chosen accounting firm. This service allows you to evaluate your current financial practices and polish areas that need improvement.

So whether you need to implement a new process or modify the existing system, you can successfully optimise financial operations with the help of an experienced outsourced accounting team that offers operational support services.

Payroll Services

Payroll services is another important task for the accounting team because it keeps and updates your company’s financial records, including income, bonuses, and deductions. Additionally, it ensures regulatory compliance and tax rate accuracy, which is vital for your company to run smoothly.

Statutory Compliance

Statutory compliance takes into account your company’s legal obligations. For instance, paying taxes late or forgetting to file financial reports can lead to severe penalties. To avoid acquiring fines, outsourced accounting services ensure that your company remains compliant and submits all the necessary documents on time.


Professional accountants have a firm grasp of the complexities of the country’s financial landscape and statutory guidelines. Moreover, they are trained to guide businesses in all financial aspects. Therefore, companies depend on Singapore accounting services to ensure their financial position and guarantee legal operations. For this reason, hiring accounting and outsourcing services from reliable accounting firms in Singapore is the best solution for your business to achieve financial success.

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