Case Studies

To every challenge, we offer a viable solution designed to deliver results right from the onset. Our results-oriented mindset builds corporate identities and drives their business growth. The following compilation of case studies proves just how much committed our team is to every client’s cause.

Tax Evasion Schemes

Tax Exemption Schemes for New Companies

A foreign company which had no knowledge about Singapore’s tax regime sought the help of Corporate Services to reduce its tax liability while setting up its start up enterprise. We recommended rectifying the financial year end information of our client to avail of the full tax exemption for new companies and maximising tax incentives offered by IRAS.

Inexperienced Accountant

Rectified Incorrect GST Treatment Made By Inexperienced Accountant

An advertising agency which had no proper tax planning scheme was confused as to its GST tax treatment. Applying the provisions of the GST Act, Corporate Services properly applied the zero-rating eligibility for its media sales substantially supplied outside Singapore. Through our in-depth tax advice, the client was able to comply with Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS), the GST Act and other strict taxation regulations.

Missing Secretarial Records

Missing Secretarial Records

An oil and gas company had missing secretarial files and failed to update its corporate records for three years. Corporate Services Singapore successfully prepared its missing secretarial documents to comply with the mandate of the Singapore Companies Act. The client is now confident that when ACRA conducts a random audit on its secretarial files, it can pass the review for being statutorily compliant.