A Step-by-Step Guide for CorpPass


CorpPass, a one-stop authentication and authorization service, is considered as the exclusive login method that corporate entities use when making online transactions with various government agencies now.

As announced by the Singapore Government in Year 2018, CorpPass has already replaced other means such as SingPass and Easy (E-Services Authorisation System) since 1 September 2018.

What is CorpPass?

CorpPass, short for Singapore Corporate Access, is the latest digital identity for local-based businesses and other organisations to gain authorised access to almost 150 government digital services including the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), Ministry of Manpower (MOM), and Central Provident Fund (CPF), et cetera.

By replacing all other previous login methods, CorpPass ensures that businesses will have a much better degree of personal privacy and that its sensitive corporate data will have improved and enhanced protection against online scamming and phishing efforts.

Since September 2016, various government agencies have already implemented the use of CorpPass as their mandatory login method for businesses. This is to reflect Singapore’s commitment to upholding its Smart Nation objective of creating a more secure, efficient, and reliable digital ecosystem for all types of companies, non-profit organisations, and associations.

As of August 2018, more than 90% of corporate entities in Singapore have been using CorpPass for their G2B transactions.

Who is Eligible for CorpPass?

CorpPass eligibility applies to the following:

  • Local corporate entities with an assigned Unique Entity Number (UEN) from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)
  • Foreign entities who are involved in G2B transactions

Note: Local entities without an issued UEN are not required to use CorpPass. If their business needs to make G2B transactions, they can obtain their UEN from an UEN-issuance agency.

What are Some of the G2B Digital Services that Require CorpPass?

CorpPass is the mandatory login method when filing corporate taxes, registering work permits, applying for business grants and trade licences, to name a few. Common government-related transactions that require CorpPass are listed below:

  • Automatic Exchange of Information (CRS and FATCA)
  • Corporate Tax (Filing, Applications, and Payments)
  • GST (Filing, Applications, and Payments)
  • Partnership (Form P Filing)PIC Cash Payout
  • Property Tax (Filing, Applications, Payments, and Update Property Ownership)
  • S45 Withholding Tax (Filing and GIRO Deduction Details)
  • Submission of Commission Records, Donation Records, and Employment Income Records
  • Tax Clearance (Form IR21)

What are the Different CorpPass Roles?

  1. Registered Officer (RO)

This refers to the person within the company who is officially registered with ACRA. This can be the business owner, company director, or corporate secretary. He or she will be the only authorised individual to assign CorpPass Administrators for the company.

  1. CorpPass Administrators

This refers to people within the company assigned by the Registered Officer to create the entity’s CorpPass accounts, manage G2B transactions, and oversee CorpPass-related matters. Each organisation can have no more than 2 CorpPass Administrators

This can be the Director of Corporate Services (Human Resources, Admin, or Finance) of the company. For smaller entities, the Registered Officer can take the role of a CorpPass Admin.

  1. CorpPass Users

This refers to people within the company assigned by the CorpPass Administrator to help in carrying out G2B transactions and CorpPass-related matters. An entity can have as many CorpPass Users as they intend to have.

How does CorpPass Impact Businesses?

CorpPass was developed and managed by the Government Technology Agency (GovTech).

The establishment of an exclusive digital corporate identification promotes ‘cyber hygiene’ which is better explained below:

  1. Better Personal Privacy Protection

Through CorpPass, business owners and employees no longer have to use their personal SingPass account when making G2B transactions on their company’s behalf.

This prevents divulging of sensitive details to other people in offices where there are shared computers or when colleagues or co-workers go on leave or be absent from work.

  1. Enhanced Corporate Data Security

One of the main goals of CorpPass is to enable citizens and companies to only use a single platform for managing online government transactions.

This gives companies’ executives greater control and better internal visibility of their business operations as they can assign and keep track of selected employees who will have authorised access to all corporate data.

  1. Greater Extent of Convenience and Efficiency

By using a single integrated platform, companies can operate more efficiently and experience greater convenience in managing their employees’ access to government digital services.

How to Register for CorpPass in Singapore

Listed below is a step-by-step guide on how to register for CorpPass:

Step 1

The Register Officer (RO) with UEN or SingPass will go to the CorpPass website.

Step 2

Once logged in, the RO must confirm his/her CorpPass role (Registered Officer, CorpPass Admin, or CorpPass User).

The RO must also register a maximum of two CorpPass Administrators for the entity.

Step 3

The RO must create the entity’s CorpPass accounts that will be accessed by the CorpPass Admins and CorpPass Users.

Step 4

The RO customises the accounts settings to give or limit access to specific IRAS digital services.

Step 5

The CorpPass Admin is responsible for managing and maintaining of the CorpPass accounts of the entity.

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