3 Essential Tips for Business Resumption During COVID-19 in Singapore

Business Resumption Singapore

Since June, Singapore has begun to ease its lockdown measures, businesses and services have resumed their operations. Nevertheless, businesses still have to comply with strict healthcare measures.


For a successful reopening, businesses in Singapore would need to devise a comprehensive business resumption strategy and address the possible business interferences. Here are three effective tips for successfully resuming businesses in Singapore during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Decrease The Likelihood Of Virus Infection

Singapore public health experts have emphasized that hand-washing, surfaces disinfection, wearing coverings over mouth and nose are critical to controlling viral transmission. Although these measures seem simple, they are effective. The goal of these control measures is to stop the transmission cycle.


Since the COVID-19 viruses spread within the general public, regardless of whether the individual shows any symptoms or not, social distancing is crucial to decrease the transmission. Continuing to offer work-at-home accommodations to workers who request them may work for a short time. For employees who return to their workplaces, social engineering is needed to accomplish the required distance of 1 metre apart between individuals.


Access points, elevators, and open floor designs are also a part of office setups that pose potential risks. Hence, businesses should promote the use of stairwells whenever possible. Some businesses adopted a creative method of restricting the elevator’s capacity to 5 people. Personnel should also be encouraged to wear masks inside the elevators.


Another method recommended by Singapore health authorities to reduce COVID-19 infection is by staggering the working and breaking hours. Businesses can also stagger work schedules by workgroups or floors to reduce the number of staff entering the building. Also, employees should be encouraged to disinfect any shared surfaces before and after use.


Resume And Maintain Business Activities Effectively

Business owners need to decide not only on how they run their companies in the aspect of staffing and social distancing enforcement but also in terms of the services offered. They have to focus on the things they do exceptionally well and offer those services during this crisis. As the business operations stabilize, business owners can then take on additional services.


Companies that can open their doors, communicate regularly with their customers, and take measures to strengthen their supply chains will recover quicker than companies which respond at a slower rate. Thus, facilities have to make sure they are hazard-free and can satisfy every requirement and restriction the government imposed.


Promote a Safe And Healthy Workplace

Singapore tripartite partners, which include the MOM, NTUC, and SNEF, have issued guidelines on Safe Management Measures for general workplace settings. One of the recommended measures is to control access to the workplace. Employers should only permit essential workers and authorized visitors to enter the working premises.


The SafeEntry visitor management system should also be utilized to record every employee’s and visitor’s entry. This system helps the Ministry of Health to establish potential transmission chains.


Sick employees, including those who have a fever during temperature screening, should not be allowed to enter the workplace. Ill visitors, on the other hand, should be asked to reschedule their appointments until they are feeling well, or be served through other means.


Also, employers should reduce the need for physical touch-points within the workplace as much as possible. They can do so by implementing contactless access controls or other similar means. If physical contact is required, additional protections must be observed to lower the risk of cross infections.


Business owners should also step up the workplace cleaning and disinfection through the following:

  • Making sure common spaces, especially those with high human contact, are being cleaned and disinfected regularly
  • Making sure all equipment and machinery shared between different workers across distinct shifts are cleaned and disinfected frequently
  • Provide cleaning and disinfecting products like soap and hand sanitizers at certain areas, including entrances, reception areas, toilets, hand-wash stations, and canteens


Specific workplace, such as construction sites, may need to meet additional requirements.



Resuming a business during COVID-19 crisis can be dangerous if proper measures and strategy are not implemented. Enforcing control measures, including proper and frequent hand-washing, wearing face masks, disinfecting shared spaces regularly, staggering working schedules, and strategic business operations, allow companies to restart their business successfully.


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