5 Signs A Company Secretarial Services Firm Is Sincere About Helping You Grow Your Business

Company Secretarial Service

As a start-up entrepreneur, you might never run out of ideas about your business, but you might run out of money and time. The latter are vital resources that you need to use wisely as you take the first steps into firmly rooting your business on the ground, and as you build it up.

The conservative amount of time and money you have right now might lead you to think that it is better to do things on your own rather than to pay another person to help you, when oftentimes, it’s not.

Take the case of company secretarial jobs, which include, among others, filing regular statutory reports for compliance, maintaining statutory registers, and compliance with memorandum and articles of association. These are just some tasks in a long list that may take away your time from what you should really be doing as a business owner, such as drafting the business’s strategic direction, networking with possible partners and investors, or thinking about the next steps to bring your business to scale.

In the case of company secretarial duties, engaging a company secretarial firm can unburden you with important filing and compliance duties which you may not even be your expertise to do.

How do you know a company secretarial services firm is sincere about helping you grow your business, instead of just eating away your start-up budget? Here are five signs.

Sign #1: Offers Helpful Advice

secretary offers advise

Advice on how to get your business started, how to go about registering your business, where to go, how much things cost, and just how to stay compliant with government regulations are important for you to know about. Information about how to start and run a business are also available in government websites, but it takes a company that has done these processes themselves to really understand what they mean.

To know that a company secretarial services firm is sincere about wanting to help you, listen to them and observe if they are putting your interest about growing your business before anything else.

Sign #2: Reliable

Reliable Secretary

When you outsource the company secretary role to a company secretarial services firm, you must understand that you are not the only client. The firm extends their services to other businesses, too.

Should you be worried about this? Not if the company is available to meet with you when needed, not if they submit their deliverable to you on time, not if the quality of their output is consistently lives up to your expectations. When the company secretarial services firm is there when you need them, then you know it’s a relationship for keeps.

Sign #3: Efficient

 Efficient Secretarial Time Management

A company secretarial services firm must be able to do the work for you at greater speed and lesser cost than if you had carried on the task yourself. To appreciate the work a company secretarial services firm can do for you, you have to see engaging one not as a cost, but as a real business driver.

Sign #4: Discrete

company information confidential

Because professional services firm are also catering to other companies, and in some instances you would do well partnering with a firm that knows how to keep company information confidential. Your strategy, your market research, who you’re hiring in to your team to drive your business are some examples of sensitive information which should be handled in confidentiality. Your company secretarial services firm should know about these unwritten rules, or if you would want to be so sure about it, draft a non-disclosure agreement from the very start.

Sign #5: Pleasant

 company secretarial services in SG

It would be nice to engage a company secretarial services firm for the long term so you can keep an easy record of the company’s historical information which can come handy as you make future decisions. Choose a company you feel good working with, one that shares the same ideals as yours, and you’ll be in it for the long term.

Remember, a company secretarial services firm can support you in supporting your business and driving it to success. Engage a professional firm that is reliable, warm and friendly, and one that sincerely cares about the success of your business.

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