Avoid Late Payments

How to Avoid Late Payments from Customers

It is not unusual to have to chase customers for payment. However, even if you have made a lot of sales and your profits look good on paper, late payments can affect your business’ cash flow. An unhealthy cash flow can affect your ability to pay your employees’ salaries, buy equipment or raw materials, and […]

Transfer of Shares

Guide to Transfer of Shares for Singapore Companies

Private limited companies in Singapore may appoint a minimum of 1 and up to 50 local or foreign shareholders. The shareholders of a company are considered its owners and they may wish to sell or transfer their shares for reasons such as retirement, gifting or raising funds. In this guide, we will refer to the […]

Company Secretary & Businessman Shake hands

6 Misconceptions about the Company Secretary that Should be Corrected

It is not uncommon for company secretaries to believe that their role is beyond the administrative duties assigned to them because of all the misconceptions attached to its role. This is a list of 6 misconceptions about the company secretary that must quickly be adjusted or be completely eliminated to facilitate better, stronger working relationships […]

Amended Statute

Companies Amendment Act of 2017: What are the New Provisions Included in the Amended Statute?

The latest amendment to the Singapore Companies Act, the Companies Amendment Act of 2017, was introduced on March 10, 2017 and became effective on March 31, 2017. The latest legislative amendment seeks to attain the following purposes: Improve ease of doing of business in Singapore Lessen regulatory burdens Enhance transparency of ownership and control over […]