5 Things A Corporate Secretary Must Do To Ensure a Successful Board Meeting

Corporate Board Meeting

Do you dread being invited to attend a board meeting, for fear of being bored to death? Board meetings are important as these serve as venue for important decisions to be made for the company. Strategic decisions for growth, solutions to challenges faced, and reports on revenue achievements are just some of the top-level items that go into a board meeting’s agenda.

A corporate secretary holds an important role in making sure board meetings are productive and successful, instead of boring.

Here are five things a Corporate Secretary must do to prepare for a successful board meeting:

1. Arrange Schedules

To Arrange Schedules.

When you need to bring top-level individuals into one room, the challenge is often on finding a common available time. Beforehand, an adept corporate secretary will enter the agreed-upon date of board meetings into the company’s annual calendar from the beginning of a company’s formation.

The corporate secretary then sees to it that all members of the board commit to follow the schedule.

Whether there are important and urgent items to be decided upon or just regular items that need to be addressed, it is important to allocate a time and date for board meetings.

In cases where unforeseen circumstances would cause members to be unable to attend the board meeting as scheduled, the corporate secretary must work out another schedule which everyone agrees to. The important thing is to not miss the opportunity to sit down and meet in the boardroom to be able to tick off the urgent and important items for discussion and decision from everyone’s list of to-dos given a specific time frame.

2. Prepare Agenda

To Prepare Agenda

Beyond just identifying what items need to be discussed during the board meeting, an effective corporate secretary also ensures that the agenda is not too packed to be able to tackle all items given the window of time.

As corporate secretary, the company looks upon you to ensure that the meeting tackles all agenda items, and if there are follow-up actionable items that come up from the board meeting, that these follow up items are given attention and accomplished within the immediate time frame, and that these follow items being accomplished must be properly recorded.

3. Prepare Presentations

To Prepare Presentations.

A Corporate Secretary is also relied upon to help speakers prepare their presentation materials, and more importantly, to show only what is essential. Remember, a forward-thinking board meeting makes wise use of time by limiting the talks only to those essential topics so everyone can spring to action on decisions agreed upon.

Get help from a corporate secretary to prepare a high-impact, action-oriented and well-timed presentation.

4. Liaise with Executives

To Liaise with Executives.

The corporate secretary is also depended upon to liaise with executives who may be requested as speakers, observers, or resource persons to the board meeting. As a corporate secretary, you should make sure to approach executives with the respect they deserve. Use of proper language and decorum when dealing with executives at all times is what is expected from a good corporate secretary.

5. Take Minutes

To Take Minutes

Finally, a corporate secretary is an excellent record keeper. He or she takes minutes of the meeting that includes all pertinent discussions, decisions, and actionable items or key deliverable identified from the meeting.

Board meetings isn’t all talk and no action. It’s the decisions from board meetings that shape the direction of the company that is very important to support with corresponding action. The entire organisation relies upon the records kept by a corporate secretary to be able to know what must be done next.

If you need help from a corporate secretary, you can contact a professional corporate secretary services firm and leverage on their experience to accomplish all these things. Some corporate secretary services firms have been engaged by multinational corporations and therefore are knowledgeable on top-level meeting preparation and notes taking.

Engage a professional corporate secretary services firm today to make your board meetings productive and successful.

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