7 Frequently Asked Questions About Trademark Registration in Singapore


A statutory committee under the Ministry of Law called the IPOS, or Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, manages the trademark registration in Singapore. While a business is not mandated to register a trademark to utilise it under Singapore’s regulation, trademark registration offers great value.

Trademark owners who undergo trademark registration receive the right to ownership and restrict others from utilising the identical mark without their permission. It allows businesses to create goods and services unique from other traders. Nevertheless, a trademark registered in the country has no legal rights abroad. This article highlights seven of the most commonly asked questions about Singapore trademark registration.

How to Apply for Trademark Registration in Singapore

Business owners need to fill out a form known as the Form TM4 to apply for a trademark. Afterwards, they need to send the completed form to the IPOS online platform or submit it to the Registrar of Trade Marks and any relevant fees. They can pay the fees via cheques, NETS, cashcard, money order in Singapore dollars, and General Interbank Recurring Order.

Business owners also have to add an address for service in the country. Hence, business owners who do not have an office in the country need to figure out where to run their business in Singapore to move forward their application.

Business owners have several options when applying for a trademark. They can choose to ask for separate applications in various classes for similar trademark or file multi classes applications on one application.

The relevant bodies will evaluate the application about five to six months, starting from the filing date. IPOS will send a notification to the companies immediately after the application is in order for approval and publication.

How Much Does a Trademark Application Cost?

The exact cost for trademark application in Singapore varies depending on its nature business owners are applying. Business owners who submit their application online will pay a cheaper price.

An online application usually costs around SGD240 for each trademark per class if the classes’ specification items are chosen from the pre-approved database. Applications with items that are not selected from the database may cost around SGD341 per trademark for each class. On the other hand, manual application cost around SGD374 per trademark per class. The application’s cost increases as business owners add more classes.

Does a Business Owner Need to Register a Trademark for Every Class of Goods or Services Separately?

For trademark registration purposes, every known good and services worldwide are categorised into forty-five classes. Business owners should only seek goods and services they produce or offer. Multiclass registration is possible in Singapore beginning 2nd of July, 2007. 

Business owners who wish to file for a trademark in more than one class of goods and services can file a single application and include every class. They only need to ensure that the form designates which class numbers they apply for and the corresponding services and goods.

Does a Business Owner Need to Apply for a Trademark Before International Registration?

Business owners must first register for the trademark in the country of origin before filing for an international application following the Madrid Protocol.

What is a Priority Claim?

Business owners who have applied for a similar trademark for goods and services on their application in nations which are members of the Paris Convention or the World Trade Organisation are permitted to register their trademark in Singapore in a priority mode. If they intend to take advantage of the priority claim, they need to apply in the country within six months when they file the initial application in the foreign nation. They also have to specify that they are making a priority claim on their application.

What Are the Common Reasons Trademark Registration Rejection in Singapore?

Common causes of trademark registration refusal in Singapore are as follows:

  • The trademark being applied for is indistinguishable to an existing trademark.
  • The trademark does not distinctively distinguish the company’s goods or services from other traders’ goods or services.

Who to Contact Should Any Questions on the Application Arise?

Business owners with any concerns or encounter any problems with their application should reach out to the evaluator in charge at the IPOS. They can try scheduling an appointment with the evaluator to talk about the application in-person.

Getting Help From a Professional Company Registration Firm

The trademark application process can be quite daunting for many companies. It may also be expensive should mistakes be committed. A reputable company registration firm gives the relief business owners need to ensure their trademark application goes smoothly and correctly. It also helps businesses avoid possible risk and growing expenses. 

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