strike off or liquidation

Guide to Liquidating or Striking Off Your Company

If you wish to close your company down, you may either wind up the company or strike off your company’s name from the Singapore register. Typical reasons for closing a company include business cessation, insolvency or dormancy. Companies may also close because of an irreconcilable dispute or breach of statutory requirements. However, there is a […]

transfer pricing

Guide to Transfer Pricing for Businesses in Singapore

While establishing a business in Singapore is relatively easy and straightforward, there are compliance procedures and regulations to comply with. Transfer pricing is the pricing of goods, services and intangibles between related parties. Related parties are parties who control one another, or who are under the control of another party. Examples of related parties include […]

representative office

How to Register a Representative Office in Singapore

Setting up a local company in Singapore requires you to comply with a series of statutory requirements upon incorporation. Instead, foreign entities interested in exploring potential opportunities in Singapore and the region may consider setting up a representative office.   Activities of a Representative Office A representative office has the benefit of allowing a foreign […]

Cloud Accounting VS Traditional Accounting

Cloud Accounting vs. Traditional Accounting: Which is Right for Your Business?

The tools that accounting professionals used to crunch numbers has seem much changes from the days of adding machines, then calculators, Excel spreadsheets and accounting software. Now, cloud-based accounting system has revolutionizes the industry. This new technology boasts of offering business flexibility and easy access to necessary financial information. Given the hype, should your business […]