Business Licenses Permits Singapore

Guide to Business Licenses and Permits in Singapore

Before setting up a business in Singapore, take note of the various compliance requirements and processes for companies in Singapore, and check if it is necessary for your business to obtain a license or permit. Although most businesses will not require licenses or permits, some industries such as private education, trading and hospitality are regulated […]

Avoid Late Payments

How to Avoid Late Payments from Customers

It is not unusual to have to chase customers for payment. However, even if you have made a lot of sales and your profits look good on paper, late payments can affect your business’ cash flow. An unhealthy cash flow can affect your ability to pay your employees’ salaries, buy equipment or raw materials, and […]

Reading Financial Reports

Guide to Reading Financial Reports for Every Small Business in Singapore

Financial statements are vital as they paint the financial picture of your company, and help you evaluate past performance and plans for the future. If you are new to financial statements and accounting terms, here is your guide to the different financial statements such as the Statement of Comprehensive Income, Statement of Financial Position, Statement […]

corporate tax planning

8 Corporate Tax Planning Tips for Companies in Singapore

There are many benefits to incorporating a company in Singapore. As part of a world-class financial hub, companies and start-ups can seek early-stage funding opportunities while enjoying a robust IP protection and legal system and excellent connectivity. However, the most important benefit – from a business point of view – is Singapore’s attractive tax framework.   By […]