profit margin

What is a Good Profit Margin?

Businesses are always looking for effective ways to improve their profits; whether cutting on expenses or increasing marketing efforts, they are always searching for new things to level-up. This is why it is also important to work out a business’ profit margin.   The profit margin is essential especially if the business is trying to […]

Transfer of Shares

Guide to Transfer of Shares for Singapore Companies

Private limited companies in Singapore may appoint a minimum of 1 and up to 50 local or foreign shareholders. The shareholders of a company are considered its owners and they may wish to sell or transfer their shares for reasons such as retirement, gifting or raising funds. In this guide, we will refer to the […]

Business Cash Flow

5 Tips on Improving Your Business Cash Flow

Running a business comes with a wide variety of challenges, but one of the biggest is in ensuring a positive cash flow. In a volatile market, cash flow problems may hinder your business from achieving its full potential. To enable your business to capitalise on new waves of growth, strengthen your business’ financial capabilities and […]

Company Structures and Incorporation

Should I Incorporate a Subsidiary, Representative Office or Branch Office?

Singapore has been established as a reputable financial and regional trading hub. Investors are drawn to its strategic location, pro-business environment, competitive workforce and forward-looking economic policies, which make the city-state a natural launch pad to the Asia Pacific region. Foreign entities must register an entity in Singapore before commencing business activities here. They may […]