Singapore Vs Thailand

Should I Incorporate My Business in Thailand or Singapore?

Southeast Asia is a fast-growing region that is home to outperforming emerging economies such as Thailand and Singapore. (CNA) Though Singapore and Thailand averaged at least 3.5% annual per capita gross domestic product (GDP) growth over the past 50 years, how exactly do the two countries compare when it comes to doing business? In this […]

2019 Singapore Budget

[Business] Singapore Budget 2019 in 3 Minutes

Singapore’s economic transformation is bearing fruit. In tandem with the global expansion, the Singapore economy grew 3.2% in the Year 2018. If you are thinking of incorporating your company in Singapore, benefit from the following government initiatives, which are aimed at driving industry transformation and supporting new businesses. Building deep enterprise capabilities Enterprise Singapore will […]

FinTech Singapore

The 4 Key Drivers of Singapore’s FinTech Revolution

The financial sector in Singapore is an area poised for sweeping changes. In this article, we discuss how Singapore is ushering in the FinTech wave, and the host of government initiatives your company can benefit from by responding to Singapore’s rallying cry. A Clear Vision According to its newly-launched industry transformation map in the year […]

GST Singapore

2019 Start-Up Guide: Understanding GST in Singapore

Introduced in 1994 to diversify Singapore’s tax base, GST is a tax charged on the import of goods, as well as all supplies of goods and services in Singapore. The prevailing rate for GST is 7%. Most of your business’ sales in Singapore involving goods and services, such as computer software or marketing services, are […]