Pointers for Choosing a Business Name

How to Secure a Business Name

Amazon, Google, Subway. These are just some of the brand names that resonate with millions of consumers in the world today. But did you know that before these brand names became so popular, they at first sounded irrelevant to the now successful businesses they represent?

Back in 1996 when they were developing what would later become the world’s biggest search engine, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin called it “backrub,” referring to the algorithm which analysed a website’s backlinks. A year later, they changed the name to Google, which was a play on the mathematical terminology “googol,” which meant infinite number.

Jeff Bezos first thought of calling his online retail shop “Cadabra,” from the word “Abracadaba,” which was supposed to literally mean magic! Cadabra is known today as Amazon.com, the world’s biggest online store.

Do “Pete’s Super Submarines” and “Doctors’ Associates Inc.” sound familiar? Believe it or not, these were the first two names for the world-famous sandwich company, Subway. Founders Fred Deluca and Dr. Peter Buck changed the names after the first two names confused many customers on what their product really was – delicious foot-long sandwiches or the service of a foot doctor.

What do these business name stories teach you? With business registration comes the inevitable need to think of a clear and clever business name. Choosing a business name is crucial to communicate your brand in a way that best resonates with your target customers.

Business Registration involves choosing a great business name

Before starting with business registration, you must first choose a smart and creative business name. Here are important things to keep in mind when choosing a business name:

  1. Choose a name that’s easy to remember

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    Your customers don’t want to play a tongue twister game with you. They simply want to get to know who you are. When registering a business name, keep it simple and easy to remember. A simple name does not necessarily mean it’s a lame name. Inject some creativity into the name and make sure it tells about your product or service and your brand.

  1. Secure a domain name for your business

    domain name

    Register a domain name before it’s too late. It doesn’t matter if your business registration is only for a traditional store and not an e-commerce site; most people refer to informational company websites to know more about the product or service and being offered.

  1. During business registration, check for the business name availability on BizFile+

    business registration in Sg

    You cannot register a name that is already registered by another business, so do run a check on BizFile+ if your desired business name is still available.

  2. Register a business name that you can use globally

    business name that you can use globally

    Your business registration should also anticipate the global growth of your business. In much the same way, you should choose a global name that will represent your brand well anywhere in the world.

What’s in a name? If you’re talking about the success of your business, a name has tremendous bearing. As you already know from the stories of the great brands and their old names, business names can make or break your business.

If you are clueless about which business name to choose, you can consult your business registration for some options they could recommend. Engaging professional business registration firms will enable you to tap into their vast experience in the many facets of business registration, from choosing a business to expanding globally.

Choose a good name today and you stand a good chance of your business being around for a long time.

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