Secretarial Services Role

The Evolution of Secretarial Services Role in Today’s Corporate World

Among the many board roles within the company, a secretary seems to have more varied duties and responsibilities to its name, a position that each board member values. The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) requires businesses in Singapore to appoint a company secretary within six months of its incorporation. Considering the importance of this […]

overseas business registration

Guide to GST Reverse Charge and Overseas Vendor Registration for Businesses

GST is a tax that is levied on all services consumed in Singapore whether they are procured from local or overseas suppliers. According to current GST rules, services (other than exempt supplies) supplied by a supplier belonging in Singapore is subject to GST while the same services supplied by a supplier belonging outside Singapore is […]

tax computation

Guide to Tax Computations for Businesses in Singapore

As a business-friendly city-state, Singapore leads by example in introducing reduced corporate income tax rates as well as tax exemptions and incentives. However, all business decisions have tax implications and it is important that your company manages its income tax obligations efficiently. Read on for a quick guide to tax computations and why they are […]

open business account

Guide to Opening A Business Account for Your Start-Up in Singapore

Opening a business bank account is one of the essentials for start-up success. It allows companies to efficiently keep track of their business assets and expenses, and take control of their cash flows. Hence, opening a business account as soon as the company has business funding is undoubtedly a key to business success.  Depending on the […]