Tax Exemption

Foreign-Sourced Income Tax Exemption in Singapore

Singapore’s attractiveness as a dynamic business hub at the heart of the world’s most robust economic region is an amalgamation of compelling components, namely: consistent top ranking in Ease of Doing Business, excellent infrastructure, stable political structure, as well as a highly skilled and readily available workforce, among many others. One particular component that has […]

Start a Business in Singapore

8 Reasons to Start a Business in Singapore

You’re reading this because you’ve heard great things about Singapore and the fast-growing markets in Asia. Indeed, this cosmopolitan city-state makes an excellent base for MNCs and start-ups looking to scale up their operations in the region. In this article, we share the top 8 reasons why your company would benefit from doing business in […]

OCBC 360 Digital Account

5 Ways SMEs can Benefit from OCBC 360 Digital Account

Photo Credit: OCBC Getting approval of newly-incorporated companies and SMEs for a corporate bank account in Singapore can be easy and effortless – as long as there is verified compliance to the documentation requirements from the financial institution it is applying for. But sometimes, these necessary but comprehensive series of checks can prove to be […]

outsourcing accounting functions

Top 10 Reasons Why Outsourcing Accounting Functions is Good for Business

A company owner who wants to operate on a leaner, more practical budget should seek the services of a reputable outsourced accounting service provider. Engaging third-party team of financial professionals can be good for your business and here are the top 10 reasons why. You’re wasting too much money on salaries and employees’ benefits Salaries […]